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Back from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar Business trip - November, 2016

GCC-German Capital from GCC-German Business Invest as team in Abu Dhabi, November 2016

The team of GCC-German Capital from GCC-German Business Invest is back from a business trip to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar, November 2016 after following up investment opportunities for our German speaking member companies in the GCC region. Sectors: construction, tourism and fintech. Thank you very much to our partners, investors and local business owners for meeting GCC-German Capital and the CEOs of our companies who participated in meetings with local investors.

GCC-German Capital is again on business in ABU DHABI - September, 2016

GCC-German Capital is again as team in Abu Dhabi, Sept 03-09, 2016

GCC-German Capital from GCC-German Business Invest is again as team in Abu Dhabi from September 03-09, 2016. We are very thankful to the local investors, partners and family business owner from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Saudi Arabia for the very successful official investment meetings with our German and Swiss company members. This time one of the aim of GCC-German Capital is also bringing newest Fintech (Financial Technology) to the GCC financial sector and institutional investors   ...

The founder of GCC-German Capital, Uta Gruda about Berlin - August 01, 2016

Uta Gruda, founder of GCC-German Capital about Berlin

Uta Gruda, the founder of GCC-German capital: "Berlin, the place to be"

In 2001 as I was moving from Munich to Berlin my boss and my friends suggested not to go to Berlin.At that time Berlin was an IT black hole making it impossible for me to advance my career or find a similar excellent job as Java programmer to the one I had in Munich. And they were right! In terms of training and experience I was overqualified and too expensive for Berlin. However, early in 2001, I very soon realized that Berlin was also the right city in Germany to set up my own company  ...

GCC-German capital again invited from German Government - June 21, 2016

GCC-German Capital invited from German Government 2016

Also in 2016, GCC-German Capital from GCC-German Business Invest has been personally invited from German Government Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy regarding Investment abroad and in the MENA. Datum 21.06.2016;  
Location: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, Scharnhorststr. 34-37, 10115 Berlin

"GCC-German capital" founder Uta Gruda with her investment team in Abu Dhabi from April 09-13, 2016

Uta Gruda GCC German Business Invest

"GCC-German capital" founder Uta Gruda is with her investment team in Abu Dhabi again from April 09-13, 2016. Our aim is to attract investors for Real Estate in German speaking countries, so outside of the GCC. Our investment strategy helps GCC high-net-worth investors to add the asset of German & Swiss real estate to their stability.

GCC-German Capital

GCC-German capital on business in Abu Dhabi from February 12-18, 2016

GCC-German Capital

GCC-German capital from GCC-German Business Invest is again on business in Abu Dhabi, from February 12, 2016 until February 18, 2016 and bring also this time new German speaking companies to invest in the Abu Dhabi and GCC market. Excellent new partnerships with Government Authorities and local Private Equity Investors.

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