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Top German EPC Company AG, Member of GCCGBI, invest in Abu Dhabi and open their new offices in the most prominent business location in Abu Dhabi - Oktober 2014, Abu Dhabi UAE

GCC-German Business Invest

We are glad to announce that GCC-German Business Invest successfully advised a Top German EPC Company AG from Bavaria, member of GCCGBI, on their planned expansion and investment search in the GCC and MENA region. As one of Germanys EPC leading companies, the Company AG is investing in Abu Dhabi and opening their new offices in the most prominent business location in all of Abu Dhabi. Therefore this German Company has become a strong contestor for EPC Renewable Energy projects in all GCC and MENA region. With the help of our excellent local contacts and business partners, GCC-German Business Invest has made it possible for German Company AG to show a strong presence in other markets as well, such as the Qatar Energy Market.

GCC-German Business Invest brings Top German Companies to expand in GCC - Sept. 2014, Abu Dhabi UAE

Top German Mittelstand companies, members of GCC-German Business Invest, have personal meetings with well known GCC Holdings at the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. Topic building healthy JVs in the GCC with Top German companies from Renewable energy and Construction sector. GCC-German Business Invest advise its members regarding expansion and investment in the GCC MENA.
Focus in the GCC is UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

GCC-German Business Invest' CEO Uta Gruda is also in 2014 official invited from German Government regarding Investment abroad, specially Investment in the GCC - May 2014, Berlin Germany

Also in year 2014, GCC-German Business Invest is personally invited from the German Federal Minisry of Economics and Energi regarding Investment and Expansion of German Mittelstand to the GCC MENA region. Topic Investment abroad. Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy continues to support German companies investing abroad by giving Milliarden Euro Investment Guarantee.

GCC-German Business Invest has moved to Sony Center Potsdamer Platz, indeed most exclusive business place in Berlin - May 2014, Berlin Germany

GCC-German Business Invest has moved to the most exclusive business place in Berlin. Our new office location is Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz, Bellevuestr. 1, 10785 Berlin, next to The Ritz-Carlton Berlin.

GCC-German Business Invest advise Top German Companies in building healthy Partnership with most well-known Holdings from the GCC - April 2014, Abu Dhabi UAE

GCC-German Business Invest

From April 9-17, 2014 GCC-German Business Invest' CEO Uta Gruda present Top German Mittelstand Companies to invest in GCC MENA. Investent Sectors are Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Construction. GCC-German Business Invest has official Meetings with GCC potential Investors at luxury Hotel Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Uta Gruda present Top German Mittelstand to most potential GCC Investors at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi.

GCC-German Business Invest has Official Meetings with GCC Investors - March 2014, Abu Dhabi UAE

GCC-German Business Invest

GCC-German Business Invest' CEO Uta Gruda has Official Meetings with UAE and Saudi Investors in Abu Dhabi UAE. Topic German Technology- and Knowhow Transfer to the GCC. Sectors are Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Construction. The meetings were very successful and partnership agreements with GCCGBI are signed.

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