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CEO UtaGruda is invited to Abu Dhabi Economic Forum 2008

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2008 - NEWS

Uta Gruda at Abu Dhabi Economic Forum 2008, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi - Feb. 2008

February 02-05, 2008 - Uta Gruda and her company is invited from Abu Dhabi Government to take part at Abu Dhabi Economoc Forum 2008, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. She is the only one German company taking part at Abu Dhabi Economic Forum 2008 in Abu Dhabi.
The main issues discussed are:

A Vision of the Economy | Government Agenda | Investment and Project Opportunities in Industries, Infrastructure, Real Estate | Banking and Finance | Tourism, Education & Healthcare

Abu Dhabi Economic Forum (ADEF 2008) brings together more than 1000 eminent government and business leaders from over 25 countries to discuss Abu Dhabi brand of economic development, business and investment opportunities in the second largest economy in the Gulf region. ADEF 2008 high profile speakers and participants make it an ideal venue for networking with policy makers, corporate leaders from Abu Dhabi and the other emirates of UAE and many other countries in the region.

Abu Dhabi economic vision, which has been formulated by the Emirate leadership, involves massive investment in the energy sector, basic industries, infrastructure, tourism, real estate and knowledge-based industries. The Emirate leadership is also on target with its plan to integrate Abu Dhabi into the global economy through increased competitiveness, downsizing of government, and huge investment in education and human resources development. Abu Dhabi economic vision is expected to involve the spending, over the next ten years, of more than US$300 billion on major projects in Oil, Gas, Basic Industries, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tourism and other industries.

Uta Gruda: Meet Investors at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi - November 2008

Uta Gruda organized meeting with Investors at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Uta Gruda organized a Meeting with Investors on November 25, 2008 at Luxury Hotel Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, Conference room D, from 7 PM until 10 PM. Topic: Why invest in Abu Dhabi? What makes Abu Dhabi an investment hub in MENA as well as globally and definitely a place to be

Uta Gruda at Kingdom of Bahrain Event, Luxury Hotel Ritz Carlton Berlin - December 2008

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Germany, did hold a reception on 15th December 2008 from 6PM until 8PM, at the Luxury Business Hotel Ritz-Carlton am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. Uta Gruda has the honor to be invited.

GCC-German Business Invest, CEO Uta Gruda is invited from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Germany

Uta Gruda at Economic Forum BAHRAIN at Adlon Hotel Berlin - December 2008

His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain met "Uta Gruda by Economic Forum BAHREIN, Adlon Hotel in Berlin. "It was a very nice and successful meeting and absolutely a honor for me" - said Uta Gruda, Berlin - Abu Dhabi.

Uta Gruda has the honor to be invited to take part at Economic Forum Bahrain in Berlin, Adlon Hotel

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