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Season Greetings - Dec. 2021

GCC-German Business Invest is thankful for your Trust and Cooperation going forward into the new year 2022.
We wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a successful and healthy New Year.

Back from Business Trip in Vienna - Sept. 2021

GCC-German Business Invest, GCCGBI, is back from business trip in Vienna, Austria. Business meetings in circlet with German speaking investors. Themen: Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity Strategy and Private Equity Investment.

Germany Works - April, 2021

GCC-German Business Invest, GCCGBI, is invited also in 2021 from Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Enegie, BMWE) to take part at the Experts's Forum for Funding on April 21st, 2021 via livestream.

Mastering crises with the Federal Government | Certainly active in foreign markets |  Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on global supply chains | Focus Africa

UAE Investors Meeting - April, 2021

GCC-German Business Invest, GCCGBI, took part at the UAE Virtual Investment Meeting with local investors and abroad investors. regarding investment in the pandemic and after it - opportunities and chances.

Classic Assets in Digital Form - March, 2021

Our Partner Website "German Standards Digital Assets", GSDA, is updated.
Company & Corporate Law at GSDA covered by Cindy Gruda LLB


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