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GCCGBI is invited from BMWE - Nov. 2020

GCC-German Business Invest, GCCGBI, is invited from Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Enegie, BMWE) to take part at the DigitalExportFinance2020 on November 10th, 2020 via livestream.

Digital Transformation in the Economy - Requiring the Export Credit Guarantees of the Federal Government; Exports of the Future - From Goods to Digital Services; New security requirements through "digital exports" and Rethinking eligibility for funding, were the topics of the DigitalExportFinance2020.

JON-CIN,  Blockchain in Fashion - April, 2020

JON-CIN, a family business in luxury fashion "Made in Germany", is the best example of Blockchain in Fashion industry. As our passion for fashion unique design has been very strong since day one, we at JON-CIN combine the blockchain tech with luyury fashion. Amongs others, payment with crypto currency at JON-CIN, is a secure method of fast payments as it is based on blockchain technology.

JON-CIN is part of German Standards Digital Assets.

GCCGBI Businesstrip to UAE - March, 2020

The buesinesstrip of our team to Abu Dhabi and Dubaai in March 2020 is canceled due to the circunstances situation and postpone to 2021. Thank you for understanding.

Blockchain, Future of Everything-March, 2020

We were invited last week to the "Blockchain for Decision Maker" in Berlin, very comprehensive workshop and supported from German Senate of Economy & Tech Berlin with participation of German government, bitkom.
German large companies are leading the way of blockchain tech in Germany, 17% of them already use blockchain tech and 27% planned it.

German automotive industry is in the front of Blockchain tech in Germany. 13% of automobile manufacturers are already using the tech, followed by the energy industry with 9% and the banks, insurance with 6%. Blockchain tech is using mostly in accounting (56%), logistics (34%), customer service (26%).

Regarding investment in Blockchain in Germany: German large companies are the most willing to invest. 4 out of 10 companies with 500 + employees (43%) already have invested in Blockchain and plan to increase investment in blockchain in next year.  (Survey of bitkom)

Blockchain for Social Good - February 2020

Shaping Europe's digital future

Supported from European Commission, the Blockchains for Social Good awards the next generation of innovators in the area of social good, where Blockchain technologies will offer solutions for the emerging environmental, societal and economic sustainability challenges that Europe will need to face in years to come.

Blockchains for Social Good brings together cryptocurrency innovators, specialists and curious minds from all over the world, in order to learn how Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) might positively affect our society in various application areas, such as energy, fair trade and healthcare, among others.

Meeting at The Ritz-Carlton London-Jan.2020

As a team in London, meetings with PE investors at The Ritz-Carlton London regarding Classic & Digital Investment in Europe. Guiding and accompany PE and institution investors in their investment in German speaking companies selected from us.

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