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GCC-German Business Invest GCCGBI, created in February 2009, is the first investment company of its kind in the GCC and Germany, Europe. Today, GCC-German Business Invest has grown into a family business, emerging fast, steadily and continuous where businesses and investment are aligned with German thinking: safe, solid and at low risk.

Seeing the future is what makes us different. At first the strategy of GCCGBI was classic investment in German-speaking countries and the GCC. Following our vision of long-terrm success, in 2017 we added to GCCGBI blockchain investment and built GCC-German Business Invest as the best combination of classic investment in traditional form and blockchain investment in digital form. Today GCCGBI brings the best and most innovative blockchain companies from European market. We are proud of our achievement and excited about the future paths of GCCGBI.

Welcome to GCCGBI.

Uta Gruda
Chairwoman & CEO  |  GCC-German Business Invest, GCCGBI

GCC-German Business Invest

Uta Gruda

Chairwoman & CEO |  GCC-German Business Invest


Dr. Jon Gruda

Assistant Professor in Leadership & Management

Partner |  GCC-German Business Invest

Cindy Gruda LLB

Company & Corporate Law |  GCC-German Business Invest


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