What We Do

Classic Assets Funding in Environment, Agriculture, Green Future, Biotech. Preferred are companies based in German speaking countries and the GCC. Direct Investment in newest technologies and projects; Building JV's between companies in Europe, GCC, Asia, Latin Amerika; High expertise in tech transfer and innovation; Trust and close connections to four continents; Expertise in environment, finance, management, culture.

 GCC German Business Invest
GCC-German Business Invest is Part of German Standard for Digital Assets, GSDA Holding. Created in December 2017, as the First Digital Asset company in German speaking countries and Europe, German Standard Digital Assets, is the best combination of blockchain tech and classic assets in digital form.
German Standard for Digital Assets:     www.gs-da.eu

Blockchain Tech belongs not to the Future but Now. Proud to be well ahead in the Blockchain Europe with creating our Blockchain CryptoLEAF (CLF), the first European Environment Cryptocurrency. Blockchain CryptoLEAF is aligned with German thinking: safe, solid and low risk. CLF:     www.cryptoleaf.io

  GCC German Business Invest Sectors
JON-CIN, JC, is a family business in luxury fashion; it ran beside our digital investment business. We @JON-CIN combine our strong passion for unique fashion in traditional form with the blockchain technology in digital form. Amongs others, payment with crypto currency at JON-CIN, is a secure method of fast payments as it is based on blockchain technologies:  www.jon-cin.de

Latest Tech and Knowledge Transfer from Germany & Switzerland; Hight Expertise in Green Construction, Manifacturing System, Engineering: Top German & Swiss Member Companies with the lates green Technologies and Innovation; Coordination for JV's Cooperation in Green Tech, Green Building, Green Construct, Management and Cordination with German Institute,Universities, Cluster; Green Future.

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