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Membership by GCC-German Business Invest® GCCGBI

The GCCGBI® Membership is By Invitation Only

GCCGBI® demonstrates an exclusive, discrete and noteable fellowship - only ascertaining access to its devoted members. To receive a membership within GCCGBI®, one ought to be recommended to our management. After a thorough examination, members will be accepted, fulfilling the criteria of our company. Our members range from prominent, top-class indivdiduals to top-tier businesses that have proven their success in corporation, market and trading - marking their way gloablly as the leaders of tomorrow.

GCCGBI® Membership I: Classic Assets Investment

Investment advisory and expertise aligned with German thinking: safe, solid, and at low risk;
Offering of latest technologies and leading companies from German-speaking countries and the GCC;
Attractive direct investment within the GCC, German-speaking countries, Europe;
Selectively chosen network with distinct high-ranking government representatives, partners,investors;
Business inquieries and/or knowledge over precise projects at first hand;
Supporting Investment of PE Investors, UNWi's, Fam. Offices / Fam. Businesses;
Full Digital Promotion Profile on the GCCGBI® Official Website;

GCCGBI® Membership I:   Price on Request

GCCGBI® Membership II: Digital Assets & Blockchain Tech

NFT Promotion (Non-fungible tokens);
Fashionverse Digital Promotion;
Artverse Digital Promotion;
Offering Company Service (Start Up, Premium and Premium+;
Smart Contract Auditing & Blockchain Company Assessment (Simple Investment Package);
Blockchain Company Assessment (Advanced /Professional Assessment Package);
Investment opportunities within best blockchain companies in German-speaking countries, Europe;

GCCGBI® Membership II:   Price on Request

Members of GCCGBI® will also be:
invited to all exclusive top-tier investment gathering, organized by GCCGBI® ;
promoted for one year on GCCGBI® official website of GCCGBI®;
acquiring sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming GCCGBI® summits;

GCCGBI® has no competitor for the GCC, Germany Europe, Globally.
GCCGBI® is protected by the German Patentamt at the German Patent Trade Mark Office / DPMA.

For any question regarding our GCCGBI® Membership, kindly contact us directly at: germany@gccgbi.com




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