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In London, European PE Investors Meetings - September 2019

As a team in London, from 13.9.2019. Meeting's with our European PE investors regarding classic & blockchain investment As new meetings were added to our agenda, our business trip to London with Ms. C. Gruda (GCCGBI Company Law) took more days as we planed.

In Munich until August 5th, 2019 - Investors Gathering

The Youngest Face of GCCGBI & GSDA Holding - June, 2019

GCC-German Business Invest is back from UAE - May, 2019

Delighted to be invited from our Arab friends and business partners in UAE in this special time of the year
In Dubai & Abu Dhabi from May 11th until May 16th, 2019

GCC-German Business Invest is back from UAE - March, 2019

Uta Gruda and Dr. Jon Gruda, the Management Team of GCC-German Business Invest GCCGBI, is back from a very successful business trip in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from March 16th until March 21st, 2019. Focus is Classic and Blockchain Investment. GCC-German Business Invest, as Part of German Standard for Digital Assets GSDA Holding, is the 1st company of its kind in Germany Europe that delivers classic assets in traditional and in digital form.

Thank you for the excellent meetings at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah last week and looking forward to meet you soon.

GCC-German Business Invest is Part of German Standard for Digital Assets, GSDA Holding.

GCC-German Business Invest & Blockchain Tech - February, 2019

Based in Berlin Germany and having Partner based in Dublin Ireland, GCC-German Business Invest brings the best and most innovative blockchain companies from European market. GCC-German Business Invest,as Part of German Standard for Digital Assets GSDA Holding, delivers classic assets in traditional form and in digital form.
Below more about Blockchain Service of German Standard for Digital Assets:

German Standard Digital Assets

Dr. Jon Gruda Publication - February 2019

Can artificial intelligence reduce anxiety in the workplace?

Analysis: tweets allowed researchers to identify participantsí personality, characteristics and anxiety levels
Anxiety levels, particularly at work, can often be overwhelming. It is widely known that the experience of high anxiety at work can lead to several negative personal as well as organisational outcomes, including burnout, sick days, absenteeism and high turnover.

However, the onset of anxiety is often not evident to the person experiencing it. If we are not able to identify the onset of our own anxiety, it makes it impossible for us to assess anxiety and the cause of that anxiety accurately. In addition, if asked to report our anxiety levels after an important event (such as an important client presentation), we sometimes forget how anxious we were before.

Full article:Dr. Jon Gruda, Partner @GCC-German Business Invest

10 Years GCC-German Business Invest - February, 2019

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